An Explanation of Trauma and Its Healing

Traumatic experiences for a person are life encounters where emotions have taken the better part of a person than reasoning, and most therapists know about this. This is irrational because our basic neurological wiring for survival starts to dictate our behavior. It is because the mind is no longer in control that people in trauma experiences this traumatic despair that is scary, frightening, painful, and not bound by time. This means that whatever triggered that person to pass that experience even though the immediate situation is now different, its rational sense of past or future shuts down to allow that traumatic situation of take place and permitting an irrational behavior to dominate in order for that person, in his or her thoughts to survive. Read more great facts on  life coach, click here. 

When the brain does not want to resolve the trauma, the results is a state where there is visual imagery, rapid observation, and complex breathing.

The problem, then, of therapists is how to get the rational brain function back so that person will start thinking clearly, to learn that the traumatic experience happened in that past and there is no longer any threat to talk about it. This is something that a therapist must resolve.

Stress chemicals are produced in the body by a person who is under trauma, and these chemical have no outlet. This so-called stress response get triggered when the adrenals receives a distress message from the brain and releases adrenalin and cortisol, two hormones that is commonly called fight or flight" responses. if a person is placed in a situation where he cannot fight and he cannot flee, where he is trapped and stuck, then the person freezes if the hormone is dissipated. That then becomes the trauma. For more useful reference regarding  energy healing, have a peek here.

When fight or flight hormones are released into the bloodstream, the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain and muscles are boosted. This then dilates blood vessels and air passages. This means that more blood is passed onto the muscles and more oxygen into the lungs. Therefore a good way to dispel hormonal disorders and prevent the patient from suffering a chemical imbalance in the brain is for that person to undergo physical exercise instead of pumping relaxants and other forms of medication.

Learning how to relax the body is another helpful approach. In a relaxed body, the rational part of the brain can function more prominently than its emotional part. This is the reason why a lot of trauma therapy is based on pairing a relaxed state of the body and the mind. Exposure to traumatic memories can then be included in the trauma healing sessions. And the objective mind will be better able to handle the session. Please view this site  for further details.